Why did I build this?

IMHO, usage of CSS classes for responsiveness has gotten completely out of hand. Using most CSS frameworks requires adding tons of classes in your HTML and CSS for style & formatting at different screen sizes -- like x-small, small, medium, large, x-large -- and then usually writing custom styles / classes to override those classes (which are very rigid).

...then realizing that some overrides caused unintended changes that were applied to a few other elements.

...then discovering while debugging those issues, other things break, and so on, ad nauseum.

Not to mention that using classes like x-small, medium, etc. has made some of my HTML templates completely unreadable.

Writing HTML templates should be as simple as using just the standard HTML tags, and only adding classes, for styling, if / when absolutely necessary. So, hopefully, Aureum helps you write cleaner code, and saves you a ton of keystrokes and major headaches, as it has for me -- by handling most of the responsive formatting and text readability, automatically.

Why use Aureum for your next project?

Because Aureum is only 3 kilobytes in size, and, by design, helps you write fewer responsive style definitions, your CSS is delivered faster and parsed by the browser much quicker than other resets / foundations / frameworks (50x faster than most).

No CSS classes for responsiveness means:

Aureum promotes code maintainability, and saves you, your server, your site visitors, and their browsers, lots of time and data -- especially on mobile.